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We use Maven with Subversion internally. We also use Maven's Release plugin. We noticed the issue described below when running through the following (correct, I presume) steps.

1. We run release:prepare:

  • Maven updates the trunk version to 1.0.0.
  • Maven runs svn copy trunk/myproject tags/myproject-1.0.0, thus creating tag myproject-1.0.0.
  • Maven updates the trunk version to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.

2. We run release:rollback:

  • Maven resets the trunk version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.
  • Maven does not remove the tag, because Maven doesn't do this kind of stuff.

3. We commit more changes to trunk, obviously against version 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.

4. We run release:prepare again:

  • Maven updates the trunk version to 1.0.0.
  • Maven runs svn copy trunk/myproject tags/myproject-1.0.0, thinking it created tag myproject-1.0.0 out of the latest trunk. But, alas, Subversion (1.6 and 1.7 alike) will instead create tags/myproject-1.0.0/myproject on Maven's behalf.

5. We run release:perform:

  • Maven checks out the contents of tag myproject-1.0.0.
  • Maven builds the contents and deploys the result to Nexus.

The problem is obvious: the change in step 3 did not make it into the tag. We are now releasing 1.0.0 without the change in it.

The questions are: How can we fix this? Is Maven's release rollback feature inherently broken?

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In fairness, rollback should reset the project and SCM to a state that allows a second prepare to occur. This includes removing the tag. The answer is now apparent (Googling "maven release rollback remove tag"):

The created branch/tag in SCM for the release is removed. Note: This is not yet implemented so you will need to manually remove the branch/tag from your SCM. For more info see MRELEASE-229.

The resolution would then be to force release:rollback to include a command to delete the SCM tag using something like org.codehaus.mojo:exec-maven-plugin. Short of this, wrap rollback inside a script that does that externally.

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As you've discovered, release:rollback doesn't have a whole lot of utility when it doesn't clean up SCM. What our shop has done is setup our Jenkins automation to run "mvn release:prepare release:perform" in combination with the Jenkins M2 Release Plugin.

If it fails we need to delete the tag in Subversion but, then again, we would have to do this anyway with rollback.

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Slightly off-topic by now, but perhaps you can configure Jenkins to delete the tag automatically if the build fails. – Mihai Danila May 10 '13 at 16:18

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