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In Python 2.4 and later, configuring the logging module to have a more basic formatting is easy:

logging.basicConfig(level=opts.LOGLEVEL, format="%(message)s")

but for applications which need to support Python 2.3 it seems more difficult, because the logging API was overhauled in Py2.4. In particular, basicConfig doesn't take any arguments. Trying a variation on the sole example in the Py2.3 documentation, I get this:

    logging.basicConfig(level=opts.LOGLEVEL, format="%(message)s")
    h = logging.StreamHandler()

but calling this root logger in Py2.3, e.g.


gives duplicated output:


I can't find a way to modify the format of the existing handler on the root logger in Py2.3 (the "except" block above), hence the "addHandler" call that's producing the duplicated output. Is there a way to set the format of the root logger without this duplication? Thanks!

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What is in logging.getLogger().handlers? It looks like you've got 2 handlers there. – Denis Otkidach Oct 30 '09 at 10:22
Thanks Denis... That's exactly what I was looking for, but didn't find the handlers member in the documentation (including via the help() function). With this I'm able to choose whether to modify the existing handler or add a new one: cheers! – andybuckley Oct 31 '09 at 20:41
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except: without exception class[es] is a good way to get in trouble. I believe logging module in Python 2.3 has basicConfig() function, but with less options. Since it accepts **kwargs it may fail at any moment after doing some job. I think it already installed a handler with default format then failed to configure something. After catching exception you have installed another handler. Having 2 handlers you get 2 messages for each event. The simplest way in your case: avoid using basicConfig() at all and configure logging manually. And never use except: if you don't reraise or log caught exception.

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Thanks for both the tip and the remote debugging. I think 2.3 has basicConfig(), but with no args at all. As for the exception handling: yes, I'm being sloppy. Thanks for the kick in the pants ;) – andybuckley Oct 31 '09 at 20:45

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