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My Scenario: I have a few thousand documents that I want alter (rename & add properties), I have written a a PatchRequest to alter the document but this takes a document Id.

I'm looking for a way to get a list of document Id's for all documents of a specific type, any ideas?

If possible I'd like to avoid retrieving the document from the server.

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I have written a PatchRequest to alter the document but this takes a document Id.

No, .Patch takes a document ID, not the PatchRequest.

Since you want to update a whole swath of documents, you'll want to use the .UpdateByIndex method:

      new IndexQuery {Query = "Title:RavenDB"},
      new []
         new PatchRequest
            Type = PatchCommandType.Add,
            Name = "Comments",
            Value = "New automatic comment we added programmatically"
      }, allowStale: false);

This will allow you to patch all documents matching an index. That index can be whatever you please.

For more information, see Set-Based Operations in the Raven docs.

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Can't thank you enough this is exactly what I needed. –  Charlie B May 9 '13 at 19:22
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