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I've one class in java which I'm validating using javax.validation following this code:

    ValidatorFactory validatorFactory = Validation.buildDefaultValidatorFactory();
    Validator validator = validatorFactory.getValidator();
    Set<ConstraintViolation<ApplicationRequest>> validationErrors = validator.validate(request);

    for (ConstraintViolation<MyObject> valErrors : validationErrors) {
        errors.add(valErrors.getPropertyPath() + " " + valErrors.getMessage() + ". ");

Now, if I execute it in an spanish server, the error messages are shown in Spanish. However, when I execute it in the testing server (which is installed in an English enviroment), the messages are shown in English. How could I tell javax validation to use the Locale for spanish language. Is it possible?

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When starting application you can set default locale: how do I set the default locale for my JVM?

If you are using application server just look at the docs how to do this - usually there is configuration to do that, for instance for JBoss you need to add -Duser.language=en to the JAVA_OPTS section of run.conf.

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We're using spring, so I've changed my app-config with <bean id="localeResolver" class="org.springframework.web.servlet.i18n.CookieLocaleResolver"> <property name="defaultLocale" value="ES"/></bean>, but it doesn't make any difference. Isn't there any option to configure javax.validation directly? – Goyo May 10 '13 at 10:10
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I've finally solved it using a properties file for each locale, named or, etc.

In each one of them I've customized every used message with:

javax.validation.constraints.NotNull.message=no puede ser nulo
org.hibernate.validator.constraints.NotEmpty.message=no puede estar vacío
javax.validation.constraints.Size.message=debe tener entre {min} y {max} caracteres
javax.validation.constraints.Min.message=debe ser mayor que {value}
javax.validation.constraints.Past.message=debe ser una fecha pasada
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