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I would like to create an application, where i have to use JSON STORE for offline data storage. So, please let me know how to work with JSON STORE.

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  1. Read the IBM Information Center JSONStore Documentation.
  2. Read at least the following IBM Worklight Getting Started Modules:

    • JSONStore – The client-side JSON-based database overview
    • JSONStore – API basics
    • JSONStore – Synchronizing client and server databases (if using Worklight Adapters)
    • JSONStore – Encrypting sensitive data (if using data encryption)
    • Adapter framework overview (if using Worklight Adapters)
    • HTTP adapter – Communicating with HTTP back-end systems (if using HTTP to get data)
    • SQL adapter – Communicating with SQL database (if using SQL to get data)
    • JMS adapter – Communicating with JMS (if using JMS to get data)
    • Invoking adapter procedures from client applications (if using Worklight Adapters)
    • Advanced adapter usage and mashup (if using Worklight Adapters)
    • Using Java in adapters (if using Java inside adapters)
  3. Read my Answer on Debugging Worklight/JSONStore

  4. Ask specific questions. Provide at least the following:

    • What your goal is. Add the use case. Add pseudocode if applicable.
    • What you tried, before the error and what you tried to solve the error. Add code if applicable.
    • What you searched for when you got the error. What you found and learned from researching the problem.
    • Operating System and Version (e.g. Windows XP SP3 Virtual Machine, Mac OSX 10.8.3)
    • Eclipse Version (e.g. Eclipse Indigo 3.7 Java EE)
    • JDK Version (e.g. Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7))
    • Worklight Version (e.g. Worklight 5.0.6 Developer Edition)
    • iOS Version (e.g. iOS Simulator 6.1, iPhone 4S iOS 6.0)
    • Android Version (e.g. Android Emulator 4.1.1, Samsung Galaxy Android 4.0 API Level 14)
    • adb Version (e.g. Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.31)
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