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I'm trying to move a Windows Explorer window using the AWT Robot. The robot is running in Java 7, and the OS is Windows 7.

I'm able to move the mouse and click on things, but when I try to click-and-drag, it doesn't seem to be pressing the button at all. I can't see what's wrong, or think of how to figure out what's happening.

I started out using Sikuli:


When that didn't work, I tried a lower-level implementation, working with the robot directly:

Robot robot = new Robot();
robot.mouseMove(targetLocation.getX(), targetLocation.getY());

The mouse starts in the correct place and moves to the correct destination, but doesn't seem to press the button.

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In sikuli use mouse.drag() then mouse.drop(). Example:

ScreenRegion fullScreenRegion=new ScreenRegion();
ImageTarget dragImageTarget=new ImageTarget("dragTargetFile");
ScreenRegion dragTargetRegion=fullScreenRegion.find(dragImageTarget);
ImageTarget dropImageTarget=new ImageTarget("dropTargetFile");
ScreenRegion dropTargetRegion=fullScreenRegion.find(dropImageTarget);

Mouse mouse = new DesktopMouse();

For the Java Robot API: You should call mouseMove(), mousePress(), mouseMove(), and then mouseRelease() in that order. Example:

Robot robot=new Robot();
// drag
robot.mouseMove(x1, y1);
// drop
robot.mouseMove(x2, y2);
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Why it didn't work for you with Sikuli? What was a problem? I tried it by myself and it worked. My environment: Win7 with disabled window transparency, Sikuli r930. To simplify a test, some window is already opened before starting a test. This is my working example:

winExpl_topRightCornerImg = Pattern("1368690528515.png").targetOffset(-2,-13) 
"""winExpl_topRightCornerImg is a part of a window containing top bar.
I captured huge rectangle containing navigation arrows and I changed target offset,
so that Sikuli clicks only on a bar"""
anyRectangleAtDesktop = "1368690615156.png" #any particular part of a desktop
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I'm using Sikuli-API, the Java library, rather than Sikuli the Jython wrapper/library. The problem, as I said in my question is "The mouse starts in the correct place and moves to the correct destination, but doesn't seem to press the button." – Nathaniel Waisbrot May 16 '13 at 16:06
@ Nathaniel Waisbrot: I see. We work in different Sikuli environments, that's why behavior is also different. – Marcin Kowalczyk May 16 '13 at 18:55

I had a similar problem. Try adding Thread.sleep(100); (or more then 100) between each Robot operation.

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