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I have a database that has startDate and endDate. I am trying to run this simple script to find and replace certain dates. Here is my script:

SET startDate = '2012-10-11 07:00'
endDate = '2012-10-13 20:00'

where startDate = '2012-10-12 07:00'
endDate = '2012-10-14 20:00'

I run it and receive this error:

Incorrect syntax near '='.: SET startDate => '2012-10-11 07:00' AND endDate = '2012-10-13 20:00' where startDate = '2012-10-12 07:00' AND endDate = '2012-10-14 20:00'

I really have no idea why it's not running correctly, but hopefully one of you clever bod's here will be able to point out my incredibly dumb mistake!

Here's hoping! =0)

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you need to separate your columns to update with a comma rather than AND:

UPDATE  YourTable
SET     startDate = '2012-10-11 07:00',
        endDate = '2012-10-13 20:00' 
WHERE   startDate = '2012-10-12 07:00' 
AND     endDate = '2012-10-14 20:00'

You should also use a culture insensitive date format like 'yyyyMMdd hh:mm:ss', e.g. your date 2012-10-11 07:00, would be interpretted as 11th October by some cultures, and 10th November by others.

Example on SQL Fiddle of why not use yyyy-mm-dd dates

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+1, good answer and good advice. Here is your sqlfiddle comparing the results using yyyy-mm-dd with yyyymmdd sqlfiddle.com/#!3/053eb6/1 –  Lamak May 9 '13 at 17:28
@Lamak Thanks, I've updated the link in the answer with yours as it is more complete. –  GarethD May 9 '13 at 17:40
Amazing, thank you both guys, you've saved me some headache! Kudos! =0) –  c0d3n4m3 May 9 '13 at 19:00

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