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I've created a new action in my controller, groups_controller.rb

def add_member
 @group = Group.find(params[:id])
 @user = User.find(params[:user])
 redirect_to :back

And in the group.rb, add_member is defined as:

def add_member(user)
 self.working_groups.build(:user_id => user.id, :position => self.users.count, :role => 'member')

I've also created the corresponding route:

resources :groups do
 member do
  get 'add_member'

So when I do rake routes, I get:

add_member_group GET    /groups/:id/add_member(.:format) groups#add_member

So, It works properly when I use this on my Show template

<%= link_to "Join", add_member_group_path(:user =>current_user.id, :group=> invitation.group.id) , :class => 'btn-primary' %>

But when trying to use the same link in my index template, I get a routing error:

ActionController::RoutingError at /groups
No route matches {:action=>"add_member", :controller=>"groups", :user=>1, :group=>12}

Any idea of what am I missing here? I tried the answer here, but that didn't make the trick.


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Try with replacing: <%= link_to "Join", add_member_group_path(current_user, invitation.group) , :class => 'btn-primary' %> –  kiddorails May 9 '13 at 16:48
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Your route needs an id parameter and you don't provide one. You only provide an user and a group.

In the show view, you already have an id in your params so it is reused.

In your index view you do not have any id so Rails says it can't find your route, because it misses the id.

You should write your link like this:

<%= link_to "Join", add_member_group_path(:user =>current_user.id, :id=> invitation.group.id) , :class => 'btn-primary' %>

Or like this:

<%= link_to "Join", add_member_group_path(invitation.group, :user =>current_user.id) , :class => 'btn-primary' %>
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