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i am trying to plot two function in matlab, the first one is of kinf symfun:

p = symfun(0, [m]);
p(m) = p(m)+Ck(k-3)*exp(m*(k-3)*complex(0, 2*pi/25));

here Ck is another symfun and k is a variable i pre-defined.

i want to plot it in the same graph with a function i created using the function mode:

function [x1] = xt_otot_q3( t)...

i cant make the xt_otot_q3 function a symfun because it involves if statements. - i tried to create 2 vectors sampling the two functions and plotting them together with the plot function but for some reason the 'p' function vectors gets preatty grotesque giving me wierd output... - i tried plotting them both using ezplot function but for some reason the sampled vector i got form xt_otot_q3 shows only as a straight line at 0.

any ideas how i should plot them together? to plot the xt_otot_q3 function i must create a vector if i try to plot it directly using ezplot it gives me the following eror:

>> ezplot(xt_otot_q3, [-10 10])
Error using xt_otot_q3 (line 2)
Not enough input arguments.

thanks in advance.

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If I am understanding it properly, you have two functions p, and xt_otot_q3. You want to plot them together.

syms t;
func1 = xt_otot_q3(t);
ezplot(func1, [-10 10]); 
# retain current graph, for new graph
hold on;
# symbolic function p
ezplot(p, [-10 10]); 

I hope it helps.

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hi, it doesnt work, i tried it already, it gives me the following error after line 2: Conversion to logical from sym is not possible. its because i have an if statement inside of it. –  Anton.P May 9 '13 at 18:13
each place where formula refers to t, you want the substitution of numeric values to take place, you need to instead code.double(subs(t)). This is done to substitute symbolic variable by its numeric value. –  chans May 9 '13 at 18:26
what do you mean? can you please put it inside the code? here is a peace of the code in the function: if abs(t)<= 8 x1 = exp(-abs(t)); –  Anton.P May 9 '13 at 18:30
abs(double(subs(t)))<= 8 x1 = exp(-abs(double(subs(C)))); –  chans May 9 '13 at 18:43
thank you for all your help man, i'm afraid it still wont let me convert it... –  Anton.P May 9 '13 at 19:04

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