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I'm writing a multithread C program in embedded Linux that accesses from userspace a number of I2C devices (slaves). Also, I access the same I2C device from multiple threads. I'm using SMBUS functions (i2c_smbus_write_byte_data, i2c_smbus_read_byte_data, i2c_smbus_read_i2c_block_data,...).

Is there any protection from concurrent access built in or do I need to add mutexes myself?

For instance: I have a Read function that read data from one sensor over I2C. But the same function can be called from another thread as well, resulting in possible concurrent access. Do I have to use some static mutex in that function or is it already in the I2C access functions?

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From memory, I2C drivers are protected against concurrent access - but I would recommend having a look at the kernel source to be sure. This only holds of course if your access to the device retains arbitration or has no multi-transaction state. –  marko May 14 '13 at 15:15

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Use a mutex in your program. The driver has no way to know the operations that each thread is going to do.

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that's right but the I2C driver is the same for every operation on the I2C device so it could know when it is being used –  stef May 11 '13 at 16:34

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