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We have a custom AliasToBeanResultTransformer, which is used to transform a Hibernate result into a custom object. (The Transformer doesn't do anything special, other than remove certain unneeded elements from the result.)

We notice that when a fetching a CHARACTER(1) type value from the DB, this error happens:

(BasicPropertyAccessor.java:118) - IllegalArgumentException in class [..]: 
setter method of property: AGENCY_TYPE_CODE

**O ERROR [WebContainer : 0] (BasicPropertyAccessor.java:122) - 
expected type: java.lang.String, actual value: java.lang.Character**

It seems that using a customer transformer forces Hibernate to recognize a CHARACTER(1) as a Character type, rather than a String.

Our field AGENCY_TYPE_CODE is a String, and there should be no problems with this conversion. The CHARACTER type can be a multi-char. string (we are using DB2).

Can anyone advise how to get rid of this error, without mapping each column with addScalar(..)? Thanks

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