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I have a question regarding the facebook Comments using social Plugin on iOS6. I use social Framework to login into my app using facebook credentials set in the phone settings. Facebook loads the comments on a UIWebview inside one of the screen in my app. But inorder to post comments it asks me to login again whereas I already logged in using Social Framework. I do not want to login again on Webview. Is there a way to force Webview to login to Facebook using the native iOS 6 Facebook Credentials.

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I am looking for the same – codesnooker May 23 '13 at 18:03

After Configuring facebook in your phone setting ,use ACAccount framework to request access to facebook account with required permissions prams and then either you can use SLComposeViewController: class (to use default post UI View) or Can use SLRequest (using graph api URL post) to post on your wall.

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