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I have an IObservable that is initially listening to one source:

_itemsChanged = Observable.Merge(item1.ObserveItemChanged);
_itemsChanged.Subscribe(_ => Console.WriteLine("item changed"));

As the app runs, additional items might be added and I want to merge the new item's stream to my existing one:

var item2 = new Item();

However, I only see output when item1 is changed. Do I have to refresh the subscription somehow? I expected the merged stream to be picked up right away.

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The basic idea is to use a Subject<IObservable<T>> that you are subscribed to. This lets you add more items on the fly. Here is a way to abstract it a bit (the subject is a Subject<Item> which we then project and merge into the Observable<T>):

    var subject = new Subject<Item>();
    IObserver<Item> newItems = subject;
    IObservable<T> itemsChanged = subject.SelectMany(item => item.ObserveItemChanged);
    itemsChanged.Subscribe(_ => Console.WriteLine("change"));

    // add items
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