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I have 2 script files


var module = com.utils.createNamespace('com.PDP.OrderMySampleTemplate');
(function(OrderMySampleTemplate) {


var module = com.utils.createNamespace('com.PDP.OrderMySample');
(function($,m,OrderMySample,OrderMySampleTemplate) {

and in my JSP i make a call to the init method defined in File2

    $(document).ready( function() { com.PDP.OrderMySample.init(); } );

I get a JS error saying the variables com.PDP.OrderMySample is not defined. Both file1,file2 and the JSP which invokes them are downloaded as Ajax response My question here is how can i ensure that all my JS files are downloaded and the self executing blocks are executed so that I can make use of those variables to invoke the function inside it

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When you post code, do not use tabs and you need a line break before the code block. –  epascarello May 9 '13 at 19:21
com.PDP.OrderMySampleTemplate? Are you writing Java or JavaScript? (yes, I know the answer, but I'd advise you to write JavaScript using a JavaScript approach, rather than forcing Java into the equation). Regardless, module loaders were invented for reasons similar to this, you might want to look into using these rather than reinventing the wheel. –  Matt May 9 '13 at 19:24

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