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All the files uploaded by paper clip are beeing stored inside public/system/images/pictures/ and lots of 000/000/002 folders and etc.

I Want to use image_tag inside one active admin's view to print all the images related to one gallery. I can get the image object, and of course the image name, but how i figure out the right stored path?

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Just call url on the image object, like this:

<% @gallery.images.each do |image| %>
  <%= image_tag image.url %>
<% end %>
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Because my peper_clip in image model config: has_attached_file :picture, :styles => { :medium => "300x300>", :thumb => "100x100>" } I had to pass like: image_tag image.picture.url. –  Bruno Sapienza May 10 '13 at 17:14

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