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I implemented the geocoder gem based on the tutorial on

This is a part of the house show view template

- @house.location.nearbys(20, {:order => :distance, :units => :km}).each do |house|
    = link_to, house_path
    (#{city.distance.round(2)} KM)

This show al other houses with the distance in KM, so this works fine.

I already showed on the same house page all the cities of the region where the house is located, like this:

 - @region.cities.each do |city|
   %li= link_to, country_region_city_path(@country, @region, city)

Question: How can i implement the geocoder gem in the @region.cities loop so the visitor can see on the house page how many KM is it to drive from the house to the cities?


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Geocoded objects should have a distance_from method. @house should have that method if you follow Ryan Bates' tutorial.

Check the docs for how to use it:

You basically just need to ask @house it's distance from the city (within your cities loop)

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thanks...i works now see my answer – Remco May 10 '13 at 13:01

yep i did was not so dificult i expected...

  - @region.cities.each do |city|
      = link_to, country_region_city_path(@country, @region, city)
      = @house.location.distance_from([city.latitude,city.longitude]) 
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