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when I click F3 and drill down into a method definition, eclipse goes into a dependency jar. ----- first question: where did it get the source file? I don't see the jars containing actual source files, did it decompile ? ---- I set a breakpoint, and run debug.

but the debugging process never seems to land on the correct breakpoint, and the breakpoint I set is rarely executed. it turns out that the source code shown is wrong, so that the breakpoint is set at wrong locations too.

here is what I see from eclipse window:

/*     */   public <T> T execute(URI url, HttpMethod method, RequestCallback requestCallback, ResponseExtractor<T> responseExtractor)
/*     */     throws RestClientException
/*     */   {
/* 415 */     return doExecute(url, method, requestCallback, responseExtractor);
/*     */   }`

the comment before each line seems to show the correct line number, but they do not match up with their true line number shown on the left of the eclipse window frame. i.e. the above code segment occupies lines 315--319 in the window, not 415.

so how can I grab the correct sources and display them in my debugging process? do I have to manually grab all the jars ? is there a way to specify in my pom file?

thanks Yang

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In Eclipse, you can specify the sources for debugging under Run -> Debug Configurations. Select your Debug configuration from the list and configure the Source lookup path in the 'Source' tab

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