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Is ruby's active_model_serializer (AMS) able to manage many to many relations?

For example:

class ProjectSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
    has_many :resources

class ResourcesSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
    has_many :projects

I'm getting 'stack level too deep' error.

Reference to this issue on AMS github repo:

Based on the previous link I think this is not supported yet, but any elegant workarounds are welcome.

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The reason you get an error "stack level too deep' is that it would be an infinite loop.

Each resource would list the projects it has which in turn would list the resources they have, which would list the projects again and so on.

You can use either one has_many but not both.

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You need to use :has_and_belongs_to_many in both cases

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can you elaborate more on your solution. thanks – MZaragoza Mar 25 '15 at 14:25

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