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I added a new field to a stored procedure.

How do I get it to be available in Crystal Reports without resetting the datasource in the database expert?

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Verify Database works, but you have more control over things if you use the Set Datasource Location (found in Database > Set Datasource Location) to update the report after a proc change:

  1. Open the Set Datasource Location dialogue (Database > Set Datasource Location).
  2. Left click/select the procedure to update in the Current Data Source pane
  3. Navigate to the procedure on the server to update with in the Replace with pane
    • Use the Current Connections leaf if you've already ran a report within the Crystal Reports Developer application. It can take a while for the pane to refresh.
    • Otherwise, navigate to the Create New Connection > [Database] leaf. If using Oracle, you will be prompted for the TNS, user and password for the connection
  4. Click the now enabled Update button

This is where you set the Overridden Table Qualifier Name, which is essential for Oracle when a single report is to support multiple environments using the same TNS name.

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Database Menu -> Verify Database


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The above link saved my day. Thanks –  Anshuman Jasrotia Oct 17 '12 at 12:08

Click on Database -> Verify Database

Then right click on data source and refresh

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