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I'm attempting to test a real-time Instagram stream using the Subscription API, but am having trouble setting up subscriptions for local testing.

I attempted using localhost:8080 for the callback_url and editing my /etc/hosts file (redirecting localhost to

Eventually, I was able to set up a subscription to my home's IP address to receive callbacks from Instagram.

The IP address was in the form:

However, this morning, I was trying from a different IP address in the form which has continuously led to Instagram returning 400: Bad Request: Invalid URL

Does anybody have any insight as to what Instagram treats as a valid URL parameter for subscriptions?

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Somewhat similar, I'd like to have a callback to my localhost, but I'm not sure how Instagram would be able to see my machine. – Bill Jul 11 '13 at 22:11
@Bill - If you can access your localhost:8080 from any other computer, then Instagram can also reach your callback_url as simple as that. As an example, for EC2, public IP is to be used. – NullException Dec 6 '13 at 5:31

I would recommend ngrok for this.

It allows you to set up a tunnel between your local machine and the internet.

With ngrok you can on the command line do like this:

ngrok http 8080

That will give you a url like this: In your terminal window you can also inspect all traffic through this tunnel.

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