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I'm building a simple mobile application and I want to bind html select elements to an observable kendo object. With simple input text straightforward but with select elements am receiving a error when changing select values:

Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method get

Here is the jsfiddle example:

JS Fiddle example

Additionally on insert button, the object is not changing the property values present on the select elements.

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The problem with the selects is that you have defined a function and it needs to be an object. Try defining them as:

zonas       : [
    { ZonaId : 1, nome : "zona1" },
    { ZonaId : 2, nome : "zona2" }
estados     : [
    { estadoId : 1, nome : "activo" },
    { estadoId : 2, nome : "inactivo" }
utilizadores: [
    { UtilizadorId : 1, nome : "user1" },
    { UtilizadorId : 2, nome : "user2" }

Regarding the insert button, the problem is that inserirEntidade is not being invoked since it is not visible/accessible when you click.

You have to define this function as global.

Check it here:

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thanks it works! because my values are from localstorage i had a function. But I will create a array first and pass it to the observable object. – crisleiria May 10 '13 at 11:17

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