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This is more of a general question rather than anything to do with any specific code. But with a few of the questions I've asked they could have been answered if I had a debugging tool of some sort. The only problem is when I look on google for one, they either cost money, or if they don't they look really suspicious so I don't download them fearing malware.

So can anybody suggest a good, free (possibly online) debugger? I don't have any money to spend on something like that because I'm moving into a new place and am buying furniture

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What are you trying to debug? On what platform? Without more details, it's hard to give any useful answer. –  FatalError May 9 '13 at 21:41
for which language? –  Alex May 9 '13 at 21:42
wow, seeing personal issues in an SO question rocks. –  İsmet Alkan May 9 '13 at 21:43
This question is totally unacceptable for SO. First, it's asking for discussion and speculation, because it's not a specific question of any sort. "What's a great general purpose knife?" Second, any answers would by necessity be a list of links, and "Shopping list" questions are not appropriate here. There are Meta posts here and here that explain the reasons. Voting to close as "not constructive". Good luck. –  Ken White May 9 '13 at 21:56

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It actually depends on the language you are talking about. For the C family (C, C++, ObjC...) the canonical answer is GDB, which is well integrated in popular IDEs like Netbeans or Eclipse and very powerful also from the command line. If you are working exclusively on Windows, you can use Visual Studio Express, although you cannot use it for commercial products. As of Java, the debugger comes with the JVM, and it is integrated with IDEs I mentioned as well as Intellij Idea.

Speaking about PHP, the situation is faded, while regarding Ruby and Python, you can live without a classical debugger (I've been developing in Python for 6 years now, never felt the need for one), take advantage of the awesome dynamic capabilities of those languages and use the interactive console they offer.

EDIT: to address your point, the core IDEs I mentioned before are total freeware. They are more than free (as in beer), they are Open Source! They have paid plugins, but totally unneeded for many projects.

My 2 cents: I really don't know your present financial situation, but don't save money where you should spend: if you are a programmer, a good text editor/IDE/whatever is like a hammer for a blacksmith or a showel for a gardener.

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Regarding the last part, most IDE's that have paid versions (and free versions) have most of the debugging features on the free versions aswell, though it depends on your needs. No need to spend 16k + 5k a year on visual studio if you aren't making anything to ridiculous (and even then it could work with free versions!) –  Floris Velleman May 9 '13 at 21:56

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