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I am trying to get environment variables in a node.js (using node-webkit) application on Mac and I am unable to.

I added the entry

export MY_PROJECT=\Library\MrProject

in both ~/.bash_profile and ~/.profile.

I did source both and when I try to access process.env.MY_PROJECT it returns undefined. I tried to access process.env and it runs few things but it doesn't return the environment variables I am exporting in ~/.profile and/or ~/.bash_profile.

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In your shell, what does echo $MY_PROJECT output? Are you sure the dotfiles you're editing are the same dotfiles used by the user owning the node process? Maybe try running this export TEST=123; node -pe "process.env.TEST" as a sanity check. – theabraham Jun 23 '13 at 17:37

You need to source ~/.bash_profile when you modify profile files. Or logout and login to make it take into effect. Try replacing process.env.MY_PROJECT with process.env.PATH to test.

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