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I have a data table like this and would like to make my data table rows have knockout observable properties. What is the best approach to be able to data-bind:"click" on a row in a datatable. I have seen a datatables knockout binding but it doesnt seem to support ajax sources. Any ideas I tried using the foreach and template bindings to create the table and having datatables initialize it from the DOM but it removes the binding I had so when I click now it does nothing. Also seems slow. I would like to use AJAX or JS Array.

            "bDeferRender" : true,
            "bProcessing" : true,
            "sDom": '<"top"r>t<"bottom"lp><"clear">',
            "oLanguage" : {
            "sLoadingRecords" : "&nbsp;",
                "sProcessing" : processDialog
            "sAjaxDataProp": 'landing_page_statistics',
            "fnServerParams": function (aoData) {
                aoData.push({"name": "start_date", "value": startDateEl.val()});
                aoData.push({"name": "end_date", "value": endDateEl.val()});
            "aoColumns" : [
                {"mData" : "status", "sWidth": "6%"},
                {"mData" : "name"},
                {"mData" : "url"},
                {"mData" : "pageViews", "sWidth": "15%"},
                {"mData" : "leads", "sWidth": "5%"},
                {"mData" : "convRate", "sWidth": "12%"}
            "fnRowCallback": function (nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex) {
                renderDataTableRow(nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex);
            "fnFooterCallback" : function (nFoot, aData, iStart, iEnd, aiDisplay) {
               renderDataTableTotalsRow(nFoot, aData, iStart, iEnd, aiDisplay);
            "fnDrawCallback": function( oSettings ) {
                // status tooltips
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I'm not sure if I get the point in your question, and if I do my answer feels like cheating, merely pointing to the relevant sources. In any case, here goes.

Your first option is to use load and save AJAX data to and from your view models manually. The related tutorial does a pretty decent job of explaining things. Loading comes down to:

// Load initial state from server, convert it to Task instances, then populate self.tasks
$.getJSON("/tasks", function(allData) {
    var mappedTasks = $.map(allData, function(item) { return new Task(item) });

Saving it to your service looks like this:

self.save = function() {
    $.ajax("/tasks", {
        data: ko.toJSON({ tasks: self.tasks }),
        type: "post", contentType: "application/json",
        success: function(result) { alert(result) }

A related second option is using the mapping plugin to save/load your ViewModels in a conventions-based way. You still need some wiring to communicate with the server though.

For the View part, in both cases I think you already had the correct approach: use a foreach binding on a tbody and construct one row per ViewModel.

Again, this is a pretty vague/broad answer, in part because your question is rather broad. Hope it helps.

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Sorry for the broad question but I have most of this down the problem I am having is how to combine these methods with the datatables.net jquery plugin specifically the AJAX source implementation of datatables.net –  BillPull May 10 '13 at 13:26
Ah, I do apologize. I somehow missed those tags in your question. I might delete my answer (or may leave it for others to see, even though it's not useful for you). I have no experience on datatables.net so I cannot comment on that. –  Jeroen May 10 '13 at 15:59

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