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What we currently do is this: We have raw data in a relational database (oracle) that we need to process and generate some reports. We use both stored procedures within the database and c#/.net programming to process the data (i.e. data tables) and generate the requested reports.

Writing and testing both stored procedures and c# code for some relatively simple analytical operations is quite cumbersome. My question is, can we somehow implement the functionality of stored procedures directly with .net methods and get rid of the development and maintenance of stored procedures?

If yes how?

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You kind of can, by writing only basic readers, but this will perform terribly. – Joshua May 9 '13 at 23:13

I searched for a .net library which offers methods like parametric stored procedures with table valued parameters and came accross finaquant protos:

We are currently testing the methods of this library. Any additional information about this or similar libraries is very much appreciated.

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I would suggest you look into micro ORMs, such as Dapper, I think you could achieve what you're after by using generic functions that then issue those simple queries

I have done something similar to what you are mentioning (simple example for a generic select), looks like this:

    IEnumerable<T> Select<T>(string command, dynamic param = null) {
        using (var conn = GetOpenConnection()) {
            return SqlMapper.Query<T>(conn, command, param, commandType: (command.StartsWith("select") ? CommandType.Text : CommandType.StoredProcedure));
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