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i was getting feed posts with https://graph.facebook.com/group_id/feed call and comments for each post of the feed using fql query in successive calls using user access token generated by my facebook app after getting "read_stream" permission from a user.

But After i enabled "july 2013 migration" from app advanced settings, no comments data showing for group and profile feed posts but page feed posts things are fine.i went to graph api explorer to test if i am getting comments with a group post id.so i ran that query -

SELECT post_id,fromid,text,time,likes,post_id_cursor FROM comment WHERE post_id = 'Post_id_here'

but result showing this meaning no data! -

  "data": [

because its happening only for group/profile feed, i regenerated access token by giving additional "user_groups" permission and now above query working but profile post comments still not showing.So all these means after july 2013 migration only "read_stream" permission token can't get group and profile feed posts comments by fql, needs additional permissions.now is there any security risks to have other permissions than only read_stream permission? if hackers get my token(i must use js sdk and token is exposed) how much extent they can post on behalf of me,...? also i want to know exactly which permissions needed to get group and profile feed posts(by graph api call) comments(by fql query).

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Hi any experts?? where is fb experts! –  professional May 14 '13 at 15:08
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