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I have a class which takes a function

 case class FunctionParser1Arg[T, U](func:(T => U))

 def testFunc(name1:String):String = name1
 val res = FunctionParser1Arg(testFunc)

I would like to know the type signature information on the function from inside the case class. I want to know both the parameter name and type. I have had success in finding the type using the runtime mirror objects, but not the name. Any suggestions?

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It would have been helpful if you described what you got, as the "path" from there to what you want might have been shorter in the answer. –  Daniel C. Sobral May 10 '13 at 1:21

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Ok, let's say you got the symbol for the instance func points to:

import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._
import scala.reflect.runtime.{currentMirror => m}

val im = m reflect res.func // Instance Mirror

You can get the apply method from its type members:

val apply = newTermName("apply")
val applySymbol = im.symbol.typeSignature member apply

And since we know it's a method, make it a method symbol:

val applyMethod = applySymbol.asMethod

It's parameters can be found through paramss, and we know there's only one parameter on one parameter list, so we can get the first parameter of the first parameter list:

val param = applyMethod.paramss(0)(0)

Then what you are asking for is:

val name = // if you want "+" instead of "$plus", for example
val type = param.typeSignature

It's possible that you think that's the wrong answer because you got x$1 instead of name1, but what is passed to the constructor is not the named function testFunc, but, instead, an anonymous function representing that method created through a process called eta expansion. You can't find out the parameter name of the method because you can't pass the method.

If that's what you need, I suggest you use a macro instead. With a macro, you'll be able to see exactly what is being passed at compile time and get the name from it.

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