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i am using Remotipart to upload files. The Rails-Controller handles the file but i cant figure out how to get the following ajax response. Here is my js code.

    '<%= form_for FileObject.new, :url => file_object_index_path , :html => { :multipart => true }, :remote => true do |f| %>' +
    '<div class="field">' +
    '<%= f.label :file %>' +
    '<%= f.file_field :file %>'+
    '</div>' +
    '<input type="hidden" name="directory_object_id" value="' + current_directory.id +'" />' +
    '<div class="actions">' +
            '<%= f.submit %>' +
            '</div>' +
    '<% end %>'
$("form").bind('ajax:success', function(){

Maybe someone has solved this before.

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Instead of binding to ajax:success, try this:

$("form").bind("ajax:complete", function(e, data, status, error){
    if (data.status === 200 || data.status === 201) {

I have had trouble binding ajax support when using remotipart, and have used the above workaround in the past.

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It may be that your response is HTML rather than the JS remotipart expected by default. See my response to this similar question about how to fix this more elegantly: stackoverflow.com/questions/14508260/… –  nhaldimann May 24 '13 at 1:06

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