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My app is calling pickMultipleContactAsync method that returns a list of contacts. If I want to filter only particular contats to display or show only a set number of contacts, does WinJS provide any specific methods or patterns to do this? I know since its a list, I probably can use some standard predicate type of thing to do this type of filtering, but I wonder if there is anything specific WinJS API to do this.

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The WinJS.Binding.List uses a feature called "projection" to create a second list filtered by a predicate which will automatically update itself as the origin list changes. Use the createFiltered function, then you can use the resulting list for example in a WinJS.UI.ListView.

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Array.filter can be used in this case.

var picker = Windows.ApplicationModel.Contacts.ContactPicker();
picker.commitButtonText = "Select";
picker.pickMultipleContactsAsync().then(function (contacts)
    var contactsStartingWithPrefixPa = contacts.filter(function filterContacts(contact)
        if (contact.name.match(/^Pa/))
            return true;
        return false;
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