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In RequireJS, is there any functions equivalent to JQuery's ajaxStart and ajaxStop? Or how to monitor global ajax status while requirejs is loading any new javascript file?

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No, there is no such thing. Modules are not loaded using xhr. There are JavaScript files injected in the DOM and requireJS waits for script to load.

You can setup a callback that will be called when module loaded:

require(['yourmodule'], function (module) {
    alert('Module has loaded.');
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I see. Is there a way to get notified before/after EVERY define/require? I tried hooking my callbacks by overriding window.require and window.define, but it didn't work. – jichi May 10 '13 at 17:36
What problem are you trying to solve? – Tomas Kirda May 10 '13 at 18:04

OK. I got it work by overriding default require function. I am using coffeescript, and the code follows:

_root = @
_require = @require
@requirehook = new class
  constructor: -> @count = 0
  require: =>
    @onAjaxStart?() if not @count
    @count += 1
    _require.apply _root, arguments
    @count -= 1
    @onAjaxStop?() if not @count
  ajaxStart: (fn) => @onAjaxStart = fn
  ajaxStop: (fn) => @onAjaxStop = fn

@require = @requirehook.require
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