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Im hoping you can shed some light on this for me. I have been using virtualbox/vagrant for a few months now and really love the simplicity that it brings - being able to create a test environment is great for certain things. However, I am having some issues trying to do a multi-user install.

I installed virtualbox as the root user (CentOS machine). I then (as root still) installed vagrant with 'gem install vagrant'. After wresting with kernel-header issues for a while this seemed to be working. I was able to create and ssh into a vagrant box. However, whatever user creates the first box ends up creating some files that only they have permissions for so no other user can create a vm after that - it is just permission errors every time.

I tried to find an online tutorial on how to do a multi user install but found nothing relevant. What I want to be able to do is have each user have the ability to create their own vagrant vms and ssh into them. I don't need user A to be able to get into user B's vms, just their own.

Also, the users I am trying to set this up for have all been added to the group vboxusers, that didn't solve my issues.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what other more detailed information would be useful to help me resolve this if possible.

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