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I'm a newbie in smarty. Having problems in accessing multidimensional array in smarty template. My current issue is as follows. Following is may array named $request :

    [form_submitted] => yes
    [teacher_id] => 97a056d0dd9e64b8daee46e6302409f8
    [class_ids] => Array
            [0] => 9

    [btn_submit] => Done

I've assigned that array to smarty template using assign('data',$request). Now I want to access the values from an internal array [class_ids]. In this code snippet there is only one element, but there could be scenarios where more than one values present in [class_ids] array. What I wanted is the code which can access the values from array [class_ids] in smarty template. Can anyone help me in this regard? Thanks in advance.

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you can do it by index:

{$data.class_ids.0}, {$data.class_ids.1}, ...

or with a foreach

{foreach $data.class_ids as $class_id}
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