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I want my url to change from this

to this

I wonder how to do this. I've already tried changing in the routes.php. I've tried the tutorial in this site. The page content doesn't change when I click prev or next links.

This is what i got in the url
/examinations/getchoices/ 2/ 2

My version of cake is 2.1.

Your help will be much appreciated. I've been stuck with this for 2 days already. Thank you.

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You can define custom routes.


  ' /examinations/getchoices/item/:number',
  array('controller' => 'examinations', 'action' => 'getchoices'),
  array('pass' => array('number'))

let me know if i can assist you more

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And one more example here: –  vrocipes May 10 '13 at 15:24

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