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I have now built up a gitlab server on my Ubuntu computer as your installation guide on www.gitlab.org official website tells.
Then I signed in the gitlab server homepage through IE browser in the client computer.

Subsequently I modified the "My Profile" and uploaded my SSH public key.
Logged out and reboot server, then login again.
Create my first git project : gitlab_testing.git

At that time when I did 'git clone' to download the gitlab_testing.git repository from server, or when I push the first commit upon to server, it always showed the below error message, please kindly see the below snapshots :

failed push

failed clone

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As mentioned here:

"Name or service not known" is a socket-level error which usually points to either an invalid IP address/DNS hostname, or an unregistered port name.

Check if this is a proxy issue (as in this question).

Either you need to configure a proxy, or make sure that you don't use a proxy when accessing a local gitlab server (using the no_proxy environment variable)

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