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I have code piece sending jms messages via Spring JMSTemplate. For testing the the method i use Mockito.

My code looks like following.... publishDialogueServiceMessage()->

 brokerUrl = jmsQueueProperties.getProperty(MessageRouterConstants.JMS_QUEUE_URL);  
        LOG.info("The broker url is : {}", brokerUrl);  
        jmsTemplate.send(jmsQueueProperties.getProperty(MessageRouterConstants.QUEUE), new MessageCreator() {

            public Message createMessage(Session session) throws JMSException {             
                ObjectMessage obj = session.createObjectMessage(serviceResponse);
                messageSent = true;
                return obj;

In above code to i set boolean variable true, to check that if the message is sent

My Test looks following,

    public void setUp() throws Exception {

        connectionFactory = Mockito.spy(new ActiveMQConnectionFactory(
        conn = connectionFactory.createConnection();

public void cleanUp() throws Exception{

    public void testPublishDialogueServiceMessage()
        ServiceResponse response = Mockito.mock(
                ServiceResponse.class, Mockito.withSettings()
        JmsTemplate mockTemplate = Mockito.mock(JmsTemplate.class);
        java.util.Properties p = Mockito.mock(java.util.Properties.class);      

        ReflectionTestUtils.setField(publisher, "jmsQueueProperties", p);
        ReflectionTestUtils.setField(publisher, "jmsTemplate", mockTemplate);

        // test
        ArgumentCaptor<MessageCreator> msgCreator = ArgumentCaptor.forClass(MessageCreator.class);
        Mockito.verify(p, Mockito.times(2))
        Mockito.verify(mockTemplate, Mockito.times(1)).send(
                Mockito.anyString(), Mockito.any(MessageCreator.class));

        //MessageCreator msgCrt = Mockito.spy(msgCreator.getValue());


In test i facing an interesting problem as publisher.isMessageSent() always returns me FALSE indicating that send message seems not executed(?). but Mockito.verify(mockTemplate, Mockito.times(1)).send(Mockito.anyString(), Mockito.any(MessageCreator.class)); goes fine.

I am wondering what is the cause that my messageSent variable not setting. Can anyone shed some light what I might be doing wrong.

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Simple, you have a mock for the jmsTemplate (your mockTemplate). When a method is invoked on a mock it doesn't do anything other than record the call to the mock. So the mock doesn't know that it should attempt to invoke the msgCreator.

Looking at your test I see some obvious issues that suggest a lack of knowledge of Mockito. Why are you setting all of those fields on mockTemplate? It is a mock, it will not use those fields anyway. This also suggests that you don't need the code in your @Before and @After.

If you REALLY want your test to send a message via JMS (and thereby invoke the message createor) you should use a spy on JmsTemplate instead of a mock. However, I would highly discourage this as your test will be dependent on an external system and you would in effect be testing JsmTemplate. The fact that your mock gets invoked properly is sufficient. The only additional thing I think you need to do is to invoke the message creator being passed to the mock to verify that it creates the message correctly.

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@JonhB Thanks John. That helps me. –  kbird May 12 '13 at 6:34
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