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I am working for Music app in that one of the feature is recording user voice and playback the same. So far all things are in control. Yesterday I got a crazy thought in my mind and straightway I started goggling, the idea is adding artist names and album image to my recorded audio using AVAudioRecorder, But there is not much success in it. I also seen AV Foundation Audio Settings Constants to set the AVAudioRecorder settings, failed in this also. Can some one please suggest me some clue or link to investigate more. Your suggestion more helpful to make more things.Thanks in advance.

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You probably can use an existing audio tagging library, so after creating the file, you can use it to add the required data. I did a quick search and found this libraries:

  • SonatinaTag: It was made for OSX but it may work for iOS (The project state that has very few external requirements). Not sure if support writing.
  • TagLib-ObjC: A wrapper for the popular TagLib. Seems to be in development.
  • TagLib: TagLib, I know is just pure C pain, but maybe is not that hard to use.

Good luck!

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