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I am a beginner in programming language and need your help. I have got codes from C language which is needed to be written into C++ MFC.

In C language I have codes like int32 float64 and when I put them into MFC application, they showed this error.

error C2664: cannot convert parameter 5 from 'float [1000]' to 'float64 []' 
error C2664: cannot convert parameter 7 from 'int *' to 'int32 *'

How do I convert from int32/float64 to just int/float type codes? Any kind help will do. Thank You

PS. May I know what is the * behind the int32* means??

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The * behind the int32 means that it is a pointer to an int32 rather than an int32 itself. –  Roger Rowland May 10 '13 at 9:19

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As I know int32 means that it is a 32 bit integer, meaning 4 bytes.

If I were you I would have used the sizeof inbuilt function to check the size of int on your machine and then proceed from there.


if the sizes are equal on your machine then you can use static_cast to cast int32 to an int variable type.

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