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I am getting a object value from server as null value when NSlog this object.I want to identify it in if-else decision statement. How can I check it because nil have reference to a unknown object which not means NULL.and i can't compare it with zero too.

How can i identify that this value is NULL, i have a crash on this point.I have tried @try - @catch block too but all gone in vain.

Any suggestion for this problem.

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Try : if([yourObject isEqual:[NSNull null]]) –  Anil May 10 '13 at 6:39

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As others have pointed out, there are many kinds of "null" under Cocoa/Objective C. But one further thing to note is that [object isKindOfClass:[NSNull class]] is pointlessly complex since [NSNull null] is documented to be a singleton so you can just check for pointer equality. See Topics for Cocoa: Using Null

So use this :-

  if (title == (id)[NSNull null] || title.length == 0 ) title = @"Something";

Note how you can use the fact that even if title is nil, title.length will return 0/nil/false, ie 0 in this case, so you do not have to special case it. This is something that people who are new to Objective C have trouble getting used to, especially coming form other languages where messages/method calls to nil crash.

If you want in detail what is the difference between nil, Nil and null, you can check this article What is the difference between nil, Nil and null.

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You can try following code to check for NULL values from server:

if (nil == str || NSNull.null == (id)str) {

       //Object has Null value

           // Object has some value

str is string value which contain server value. This may helps you.

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This is correct because NSNull defines a singleton object. (But using the dot-syntax for non-properties is something that many people frown upon :-) –  Martin R May 10 '13 at 8:26

The Best Approach is :

if([yourObject isKindOfClass:[NSNull null]]) 
    // yourObject is null.
    // yourObject is not null.
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Note that NSNull defines a singleton object, therefore you can actually compare with == or isEqual, so the other answers are also correct. –  Martin R May 10 '13 at 8:25

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