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I want to retrieve last inserted 'n' number of rows from an SQLite table. I used the below query but I'm getting error, please help me to correct my query. If my query is wrong please suggest me a better query:

public Cursor readLastNDetails(int n)
    return this.data.rawQuery("SELECT TOP ("+n+") Name,Place,occupation,Date from  tb_Employee order by id DESC", null);
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@DhawalSodha this is not i m looking for, i want to retrieve the last n records –  Jesbin MJ May 10 '13 at 7:15

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Use following query,

"select Name,Place,occupation,Date 
 from  tb_Employee 
 order by id 
 desc limit"+ n
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finally i got the answer

public Cursor readLastNYield(int n)
    return this.data.rawQuery("select BatchName,Yield,ActualYield,Date from tb_LabAssessment order by id DESC limit "+n, null);
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