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I am trying to store a large text in a mysql field of blob type. I will compress the large text compress($large_text) and store it in mysql - INSERT into table SET large_text = compress($large_text)

If I want to select that large_text I will query like this - SELECT uncompress(large_text) from table

What I need is, that I want to do a LIKE query on the compressed field like, SELECT * from table where large_text LIKE 'abc'

I can't able to do that since large_text is a compressed blob.

How to do a LIKE query on compressed blob? Hope I am clear with my question.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Did you try to search with uncompressed field? SELECT * from table where UNCOMPRESS(large_text) LIKE 'abc' – Fabio May 10 '13 at 7:27

It can be directly searched without UNCOMPRESS :

SELECT * from table where large_text LIKE '%abc%' 

If you want to search multiple words you can use underscore between word because spaces are converted to underscore :

SELECT * from table where large_text LIKE '%abc_xyz%'
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