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I'd like to load an additional class at JVM startup. Specifically, the class should be loaded after all core libraries are loaded (so after rt.jar and lib/ext at least).

The class isn't referenced anywhere. It contains a static block setting a JVM-wide proxy that we'd like all URL connections to use.

I've tried the -Xbootclasspath/a, -Xbootclasspath/p options. With -verbose:class added to JVM_OPTS as well the load/open output created by the -Xbootclasspath variant indicates all core libraries are "loaded" while my JAR is simply "opened".

Is there a way to force load a class - or better still all classes in a JAR - at JVM bootup after all core classes have loaded?

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After research I couldn't find any better way than a custom classloader.

Here's what I wrote. It inherently uses the default classloader for all classloading methods, but offers access to a static block where custom class loading/referencing can occur.

public class CustomClassLoader extends ClassLoader {

        // Custom class loading goes in this static block.

    public CustomClassLoader() {

    public CustomClassLoader(ClassLoader parent) {

Specify the custom class loader by defining system property -Djava.system.class.loader=com.anon.mypackage.CustomClassLoader.

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