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From my understanding I can compile C++ to LLVM, then use Emscripten which outputs to JS

From http://kripken.github.io/mloc_emscripten_talk/#/11
C/C++ => LLVM => Emscripten => JavaScript

My 2 questions are question is how might i generate asm.js via Emscripten (I believe thats what generates asm.js atm) and(ASM_JS=1 as a compile flag) is there anything that takes C# or .NET to translate it to LLVM?

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Mono supports LLVM as backend. However, it will probably require lots of changes to make it compatible with Emscripten

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It seems that for the moment there is not the interest necessary, perhaps one option would be to use JSIL http://jsil.org

source: https://twitter.com/migueldeicaza/status/411930995366309888

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