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I'm new to powershell and i need help on a really simple script. I've got a big log file (100 M) which i want to parse and return errors and warning messages.
Here is the format of the log file:

2013-04-18T10:38:04,110 INFO [00002865] 30:toto.toto - WARNING: La variable sousdomn existe déjà pour le fichier WORK.RGPDROITS.

The aim is to check the bold value (which could be WARN ; ERROR ; INFO) and return lines where the bold value is "WARN" or "ERROR"

Here is the script tested on the WARN value:

$logfile = "C:\log\logfile.log" 
cat $logfile |
Select-String -pattern WARN -CaseSensitive|
  select -expand line |
   foreach {
            write-output $_.

Unfortunately, it also returns "INFO" messages when they contain the string WARNING:

2013-04-18T10:38:04,141 INFO [00002865] 30:toto.toto - WARNING: Référence symbolique apparente NBPERA non traitée.

I think, i need to use something like the -clike option?

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Replace your pattern with:

Select-String -Pattern "\sWARN\s"

\s is for space. You can use a regular expression in pattern string

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Thank you. it works too. – MatStack May 10 '13 at 9:30
You do not need to thanks, just mark answer as useful (up arrow) or as answer – Piotr Stapp May 10 '13 at 9:42

In above code pattern WARN will catch string "WARNING" so you need to add extra space \s in regular expression to avoid WARNING so correct code will be

$logfile = "C:\log\logfile.log"; cat $logfile | Select-String -pattern WARN\s -CaseSensitive| select -expand line | foreach { write-output $_. }

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Thank you very much ! it's work fine :) – MatStack May 10 '13 at 9:30

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