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I get this error when I try to use time_ago_in_words:

Comparison of String with ActiveSupport::Duration failed

I'm trying to check whether an object was created more than 8 minutes ago:

  <% if time_ago_in_words(obj.created_at) > 8.minutes  %>
  <% end %>

Would appreciate it if anyone knows the correct way to perform this test.

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time_ago_in_words returns a phrase meant to be used in your UI. If you're comparing dates with each other, you're going to want to do it before it's translated into a user-friendly string.

Also note that I used minutes.ago in order to compare apples with apples.

<% if obj.created_at > 8.minutes.ago  %>
    Within the last 8 minutes
<% else %>
    Longer than 8 minutes ago
<% end %>
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