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I use the gem Best In place for editing discussion topics and comments... It works for Discussion but for Comments it gives record not found error: my routes:
namespace :school do resource :account, :except => [:new, :create, :destroy], :controller => 'account' resources :classes, :path => "" do resources :discussions do resources :comments end end end

show.html.haml (Discussion)

  = best_in_place @discussion, :name, :type => :textarea, :path => school_class_discussion_path
  = best_in_place c, :body, :type => :textarea , :path =>school_class_discussion_comment_path(params[:class_id], @discussion)


def update
  respond_with @discussion


def update
  @comment = Comment.find(params[:id])
 respond_with @comment , :location => school_class_discussion_comment_path(params[:class_id], @discussion))

I can click on comments and edit but does not update :( log error:
[Raven] User excluded error:ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound comment with id = actually gives discussion id

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Could you maybe show us your show contorller action for discussion?

I guess that something like this might solve your problem:

= best_in_place @discussion, :name, :type => :textarea, :path => school_class_discussion_path(params[:class_id], @discussion)
= best_in_place c, :body, :type => :textarea , :path =>school_class_discussion_comment_path(params[:class_id], @discussion, c)
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Thanks!! That works :) –  Oatmeal May 10 '13 at 8:46

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