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Here is my HTML and when tag was click I want to know that what is its <li> siblings number was. Please Advice me please.

 <div id="tabs">
           <li class="select" ><a href="#" id="tabHotel">Hotel</a></li>
           <li ><a href="#" id="tabAirfare">Airfare</a></li>
           <li ><a href="#" id="tabPackage">Package</a></li>

and here is my javascript.

// I don't want to input 1 in the function tabSelector 
// I want to get parent's sibling value automatic and 
// change somthing in li class.

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you could use index().

$("#tabs").on("click", "li", function(){

in your case:

tabSelector($(this).index() + 1 );



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You can use jQuery's index() method to achieve this I believe.

index() - If no argument is passed to the .index() method, the return value is an integer indicating the position of the first element within the jQuery object relative to its sibling elements.

If .index() is called on a collection of elements and a DOM element or jQuery object is passed in, .index() returns an integer indicating the position of the passed element relative to the original collection

Here's a jsFiddle example.

For the technical number (first is equal to 0) you'd use:

$('li').on('click', function(){

For the literal number (first element is equal to one) you'd just add one to the index instead:

$('li').on('click', function(){
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as $(this).index() gives value from 0 we will be requried to add 1 to return value to get exact value –  Ganesh Bora May 10 '13 at 9:00
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to get exact number you will be required to add 1 to the index. please try below one

$("#tabs").on("click", "li", function(){
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