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I want to identify which key is pressed on keyUp keyDown or other event on combo box. I have set enableKeyEvents: true, in my config file and added event handler.

this.a.on('keyup', this.onAKeyPress, this);

and function

onAKeyPress: function(e){

And i get error, that e.getKey() is not a function in firebug. But in extJS documentation is said!/api/Ext.EventObject that e has function getKey(), so where the problem could be?

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keyup event has 2 options: the element itself and an event object, which is 2nd argument.


So on your case:

onAKeyPress: function(combo, event) {
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oh, shame on me, i have taken only one parameter instead of two. Thanks man. Saved my time :) – kuldarim May 10 '13 at 9:41

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