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I have (thanks to @Xeo) a relatively simple is_convertible implementation:

template<typename From, typename To>
struct is_convertible
  static void foo(To);
  template<typename F>
  static auto test(int) -> decltype(foo(declval<F>()), void(), true_type{});
  static auto test(...) -> false_type;
  static constexpr bool value = decltype(test<From>(0))::value;
  constexpr operator bool() { return value; }

which works for "normal" stuff, and augmented with all cv-qualified void versions (which I believe should be compactable from my current 20 specializations for void), is pretty useful.

The problem is when I try array and function types:

typedef void Function();
typedef char Array[1];

Then these tests fail:

static_assert(!is_convertible<Function, Function>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<Function&, Function>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<Function*, Function>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<Function*const, Function>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<Array, const Array>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<Array&, Array>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<Array&, const Array>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<const Array&, const Array>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<char*, Array>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<char*, const Array>(), "");
static_assert(!is_convertible<const char*, const Array>(), "");

Can the above trait be augmented to work for these types as well, or do I need specializations, and how would these look?

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Why the void() in static auto test(int) -> decltype(foo(declval<F>()), void(), true_type{});? –  Andy Prowl May 10 '13 at 10:00
@AndyProwl That was @Xeo's trick to prevent a user-defined operator, from messing things up. He said you cannot overload operator, on void. –  rubenvb May 10 '13 at 10:01
Oh, I see. I would have never gotten that, thank you –  Andy Prowl May 10 '13 at 10:03
Isn't it an option to partially specialize is_convertible for function and array types? –  Andy Prowl May 10 '13 at 10:08
In which sense do they fail? On g++4.8 and clang++3.2 all of the form static_assert(::is_convertible<A, B>(), "") (note no !) with A, B from the examples you've given pass == are not triggered. E.g. shouldn't an Array be convertible to an Array&? –  dyp May 10 '13 at 10:46

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