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Knockout's cleanNode() function seems to be removing jQuery's event bindings on elements inside the node. How can I prevent this?
There is not much documentation I could find on cleanNode() either.

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cleanNode does not take any parameters that would allow you to prevent this behavior. I think your best option would be to create your own method based off of the Knockout function but without the jQuery cleaning. Without having built a sample app to verify, I would look creating a function that is identical to cleanSingleNode(node) and remove this line:

if ((typeof jQuery == "function") && (typeof jQuery['cleanData'] == "function"))

You can check the debug source here to get more info on other related internal functions: http://knockoutjs.com/downloads/knockout-2.2.1.debug.js

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The best way to handle this is to keep the jQuery bindings code separate from the knockout bindings. In this way, you can simply call the function to redo the jQuery bindings. Unfortunately, a code refactor of existing code might be required to do this.

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