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When you start Chartboost session with:

[chartBoostInstance startSession]

in the appDelegate,the ads start showing.

How do I stop the session if I implement an in-app purchase that removes the ad?


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This link here claims that-

Use this Chartboost SDK delegate method to prevent interstitials until the second startSession:

- (BOOL)shouldRequestInterstitialsInFirstSession {
        return NO;
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that worked! thanks! –  Lejla Hatipovic May 10 '13 at 11:49
thanks For selecting answer because i have very low reputation –  iEinstein May 10 '13 at 11:51

[cb startSession]; only Notify the beginning of a user session.not show the adds.you show ads by showInterstitial method

[cb showInterstitial];

so when user made in app purchase then set bool key isPurchase YES in your NSUserDefaults

and check when show ads

if(![userDefaults boolForKey:@"isPurchase"])
             NSLog(@"Enter add start ");

           [[Chartboost sharedChartboost]  showInterstitial];
        [userDefaults synchronize];

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